2nd International Conference on Econophysics

Topics of Interest

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The main goal of the ICE 2013 is to provide an opportunity for academics and professionals from a variety of fields to meet and exchange ideas and expertise.

An additional goal of the ICE is to provide a place for academics and professionals with inter-disciplinary to Econophysics interact with members within and outside their own particular disciplines.

Selected papers will be published in the Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review (JESTR) (http://www.jestr.org). 

Topics of interest include the following:

  • Chaos and Order In Economy
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics
  • Neural Networks and Economy
  • Thermodynamic Approach of Economy
  • Market as Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Evolutionary Economics
  • Physics of Risk
  • Statistical and probabilistic methods in Economics and Finance
  • Econophysics of Stock and other Markets
  • Complex Socio-Economic Networks
  • Nonadditive Entropy and nonextensive statistical mecanics in Socio-Economics
  • Agent-based models: Theory and Simulations