2nd International Conference on Econophysics

Presenting a Paper

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Paper sessions will consist of five to six presentations in a 90 minute session divided equally among the presenters. Workshop presenters will be given the full 90 minute session. Panel sessions will last 90 minutes and it is to the presenters’ choice how that time will be split among panelists.

The equipment available for the presentations will be:

  • Laptop Computer (Please see notes below regarding the laptops) *
  • LCD Data Projector (with screen)
  • Overhead Transparency Projector (must provide own transparencies)

*The laptops will accept CD-ROMs, and USB “Flash” drives.  However, they ARE NOT equipped with floppy disk drives.  If you have your presentation on a floppy disk, please visit the registration desk and we will transfer the files onto a CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive for you with a minimum charge.  Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel are installed on each laptop for your convenience.  We will not be able to install any special software that your presentation may require.  However, if you brought your own laptop, you may use it instead of the one that is provided.